Here’s some answers to the most common questions venues ask us.
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Do you Require a Trestle Table?

No thanks, We bring our own DJ Table that is specifically designed to meet our needs – We also don’t sit when performing so we don’t need a chair either.

How much Space to do you require for the DJ setup?

3.5m (w) x 2m (d) facing the guests and within 20m of 1 x 240v power source and as close to the dancefloor as possible. This aspect is covered extensively in our Setup Guide with great examples. It also has a section on the best setup locations for DJs that can be of great help

Are you insured, and can you provide proof of insurance?

WE R DJS are covered by $50,000,000 in public liability insurance. We also have equipment and professional indemnity insurance as well. We follow all australian OH&S industry standards and all of our electrical gear is well maintained, tested & tagged. If you need an a copy of our insurance for your venue the link is in the email we sent you.

What are your typical Bump In/Bump Out times the event?

Depending on the package chosen by the client this can be anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours before the event, You should have a approximate time in listed in the email we sent you. We also understand the need to pack up quickly and will do our best to be out at the end of the event as quickly and safely as we can.

Do you require the use of any inhouse Audio / Microphones?

Typically no, however this totally depends on the size of the event/venue – We can usually handle anything upto 200 pax with our own speakers but if you have an AV company onsite providing FOH sound we’ll plug in to that. We always use our own mics.

How many Events / Weddings have you done?

We’ve lost track.. Somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000+ events

The client mentioned using Smoke Machines / Fireworks?!

Just take a breath… we are not going to burn down the venue.. If we are doing cold sparks / Dancing on Cloud for a client we will usually check with the venue prior or have already done them in the space previously. Our Cold Spark machines are safe, produce no heat/ flames and have been used extensively over 8+ years at venues with low roof fire alarms with not one problem. Our Dancing on a Cloud effect uses Dry Ice so it isn’t a “Smoke Machine” and the cloud stays low to the floor and is safer than cheaper “Low Lying Foggers” – We have a perfect track record on both of these products and we are trusted by venues like Sheraton / Star Casino to provide these services on a regular basis – For more info on these enhancements please check the links in your email.

We have Limited Contractor Parking, do you need a car spot?

Yes please, We are usually one of the first vendors to arrive and last to leave so we do require easy access to parking onsite for the duration of the event where possible. If this is a potential issue please let us know asap.

Will you be the MC at the event?

90% of the time we’ll organise to be the MC at the event as it helps to have a professional keep the event running to schedule, liase with the other vendors and create an upbeat & fun atmosphere for the guests.

We have noise restrictions, should I be concerned about the DJs Performance?

We hope not! We regularly work with venues that have limits in place, usually if a venue has a limit too low for us to perform to the best of our ability we just don’t book the event. We do ask that we do a soundcheck with the Event Coordinator approx 1 hour before the guests enter so we can create a sound profile that will suit both the venue and the client. We are also trained audio engineers so we have the experience and knowledge on what will work best and bring our own certified and calibrated Db Meters. If there is a circumstance where a venue requires us to turn down the music we respectfully ask that it be done with courtesty and discreetly.

Can we place WE R DJS on our Recommended Suppliers List?

Absolutely, we have quite a few venues that turn to us for their entertainment needs. We do ask that you have a quick chat with us prior so we can give you marketing collateral and add you to our venues list so we can share the love. It’s important to note that we only book events directly through the clients due to the personalized nature of our service. Make sure to mention to your clients to book asap as we have limited dates and most of our bookings are made 12 -24 months in advance.